Banana Fosters Galette

Foodblogging isn’t what we imagined doing when thinking about career choices after college. General ass kicker wasn’t something you could major in. So we started individual careers We both excelled at our respective careers but were both still drawn to food. When I got my first invite to join Pinterest in its first few months of inception I became hooked with food bloggers and fashion bloggers. I now have a list of blogs I check regularly and after years of being half committed to the idea, I decided to go all in and wrangle my partner into it too. You will get his side of this story on the next post.

We couldn’t be more different if we tried. Im very analytical and he is a creative and artistic type. My favorite pastime is watching Hallmark movies especially Christmas time and his is playing video games or watching cartoons. He’s an 80’s kid and I’m more of a 90s kid. What we do agree on is food. We both love and the memories associated with it. We are going to share recipes that reflect us.

Our first recipe is something I’ve shared online before but after making it again for the first time in a long time I decided to share this one first. This is one of the first things I ever made my butter half.

Bananas foster is my favorite dessert but honestly it’s a tie between creme brûlée. If a restaurant has both on the menu I order both. I’ve been known to get a small dinner just so I can get dessert. This is something that you can make ahead by making the dough the night before and then everything comes together quickly. Serve with ice cream and a dash of your favorite dark rum or serve with buttered rum ice cream (will share recipe later).

Banana Galette

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