Crunchy Maple Pecan Chocolate Cookies

Crunchy Maple Pecan Chocolate Cookies

For the last 3 years we have dabbled in the food blogging sphere on and off. After some time off we decided to give this a real go. I say we because this blog will be a blend of Nick and I. There will be recipes that really embody me and some that represent him. When it comes to food we were raised with completely different food on the table and food represented different things to each of us. Over time our tastes adapted and evolved to accommodate us as a unit versus our individual tastes. One thing for sure we love food, so much so that our biggest arguments usually involve who ate the last…fill in the blank.

We decided our first recipe we would share is something that we don’t agree on. See Im a huge soft cookie fan and he prefers chewy/crunchy cookies. I’ve been experimenting with different chocolate chip cookie recipes that would unite our household. I saw a post that struck me as intriguing. One of my favorite blogspirations is Dessert for Two. She posted a recipe for Ultimate Pecan Chocolate Cookies. She adapted this recipe from Baker’s Royale new cookbook. What I found interesting is her blend of toasted coconut and pecans to form a crumb that acts almost like a pecan flour. Now Im not a fan of nuts in my cookies but this recipe single handily changed my perspective. Since Christina Lane focuses on recipes that are pared-down for small families I needed to try to expand the recipe to fit our needs.

We first started by examining the ingredients, knowing that we didn’t want to use molasses, only had chocolate chips on hand, and didn’t want large nuts in these cookies. Concerned the recipe wouldn’t scale up we started experimenting. After toasting the coconut and pecans we let them cool and threw them all in the food processor. Mixing that with your normal flour mixture and setting aside. I suggested we use cold butter for the last batch and test a theory. The batter was harder to mix with a hand held mixer so Nick carried out the large stand mixer for me. This made the taste so much easier.

When the first batch came out the oven we looked at each other and it clicked we had made the right decision to pursue our food blogging dream. The cookies had crispy edges and a chewy gooey center. The toasted pecans and coconut elevate the cookie to another level. So thank you for checking out our new blog and hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we did.

Crunchy Maple Pecan Chocolate CookiesCrunchy Maple Pecan Chocolate Cookies

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