When life is affogato…


We have been away for a while. I think you all noticed that. We made the decision to step away while we took care of our family. One of us in the mainland and one of us back home. Our first night home together I had just spent hours on a plane with a fussy baby and exhausted. I needed comfort food and I think our family did too. We have two favorites for comfort foods breakfast and anything in a red sauce. I didn’t feel like slinging eggs to order and I didn’t feel like cooking a red sauce over the stove for hours. Scrolling through Insta I stumbled upon a William Sonoma post of this amazing looking dish in one pot. After a little googling I found the dish. Tuscan Frittata Affogato with all its glory. I didn’t have all the ingredients but I had some workable ingredients.

After a severe burn and about 30 minutes I had the most satisfying dinner for the family. We sat around the table dipping and shoveling food into our mouths. Talking about what the doctors had said during our visit to UCSF and hearing the stories about what had been going on at home for weeks without me. This dinner was the perfect fix when everything else in our lives seem to be drowning. For the next few months we will be taking trips back and forth to San Francisco. After weeks apart we agreed this will be the meal we make and sit around the table to catch up.

You can by all meals use a homemade red sauce of any kind and it will work with this dish. I didn’t have any in the freezer and I wanted something quick. We used Ragu Mushroom Sauce and it was yummy. I can’t remember the last time I reached for a jar of grocery store sauce but props to Ragu because it was tasty. This meal was such a success we had it again on Sunday night for a dinner party, served with a cheese platter, salad, and toasted crusty bread.


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We are thinking about doing a series about comfort foods from a multicultural family, is that something you guys would be interested in?


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