Brown Butter Bucatini

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Every now and again I want a pasta that isn’t a red sauce or a heavy white sauce. I want something salty and comforting. Don’t think because its not a “heavy” sauce that this isn’t something you can serve in the Fall and that it won’t be satisfying . The brown butter and shaved parmesan cheese add a richness that rivals even the richest red sauce. The secret to making this sauce is timing and 1/4 cup of hot pasta water.

This is a perfect weeknight dinner or dinner that you can make quickly with some unexpected guests on the weekends. These are ingredients I always have in the fridge and I suggest them as refrigerator staples. Capers, Kalamata Olives, Fresh Garlic Cloves, Flat Leaf Parsley, Salted Butter, Fresh Basil and Really Good Quality Olive Oil. These ingredients tend to appear in so many of our recipes. Dried basil doesn’t really do the trick in this recipe so I wouldn’t recommend subbing it in. You can though, substitute arugula or baby kale or baby spinach and it will be equally delicious.  In the photo you will notice giant crusty croutons in the pasta. Before you judge about the giant croutons in the pasta remember panzanella and all its glory, remember dipping breads in your red sauce. Tonight we used crusty garlic bread toasted and right before serving, toss them in the pasta and let the brown butter and flavors coat the bread.

What makes this pasta stand out is the one pan approach. Yup, you read that right. Everything was made in one pan, no huge pots of boiling water or separate sautéing pan. My favorite pan of choice for this is my 6qt sauté pan in stainless steel. Using Stainless steel allows you to get the pan really hot where non-stick pans do not. Also the wide diameter of the pan allows you to cook the noodles without having to break any. One pot dinners save on dishes and most times can be served right from the pot on the table. Since I have a daughter who likes to grab at things so we switch to a serving bowl or serve from the stove.

Timing is everything with this pasta. Its not an exact science but the speed of which you toss and serve delivers the smoothest sauce that clings to the noodles. This isn’t the type of dish that needs a timer or exact measurements. There are certain recipes that people can cook just by muscle memory this meal will become one of them. No fuss no muss just an easy delicious meal.


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