familyWe are a blog featuring recipes that evoke our quirky mix of us. Our different upbringings, cultural backgrounds, and general differences. We also celebrate what we have in common.

After following blogs for years we found a lot of things we loved about them. Our favorite part is the way it serves as a family journal. So much of what gets served on the table reflects what is happening in your life during that time. The kitchen table serves as our gathering place where we discuss everything. The heart of this blog was written out on that very table. The funny thing about that table is that its not fancy, its not huge, but every night we crowd around it. Meals served on this table have been passed down from generation to generation and new traditions are added. We found out so much of what we make has been a riff on something our grandparents use to make or even still do. We can’t wait to share all of those recipes with you.